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Do you think your fantasies are weird? Think twice!

These are real guys sexual fantasies they post on the site i used to work on to find webcam models who will fufill them.
I’m not trying to make fun of anyone as i think that anybody should be free in expressing their sexuality. I actually used to love these kinda special requests instead of just “get naked and play with yourself” (which i also didn’t mind at all 🙂 ).
I do find some of these requests funny and kinda weird. But it’s great that even after few years of working as a webcam model guys can still surprise me and make me smile.
So here are some sexual fantasies that made my day 🙂

“I am looking for a girl older or younger to play an ex gf . She is low on cash and decides to turn me into a stripper to pay her rent. She gets me implants. Has me work the pole. Gets me on hormones. Uses her own boobs to show me what mine will be like. All while reminding me of the vip room and what I will be doing with the guys there.”

“I`m looking to find a little balloon play where a girl would stuff her shirt with a pair of balloons to make it look like she has massive boobs! Might be fun to see a balloon belly too.”

“Hi ladies! I have this fantasy in which a hot girl like one of you role plays a sex robot who is programmed to do all that i ask of her. would any of you be willing to fulfill my fantasy? please let me know. Thank you!”

“Need your judgement on my Dick, be an x factor judge to my cock. Cfnm, clothed woman me naked. Make me feel ashamed and embarrassed, I`ll show you I can still stay hard and cum without seeing you naked. Let`s have fun with it”

“I am looking for a good cocksucker to give me a blow job this morning. Must stare into the camera topless while you blow me. Respond with, “yes sir I am the best cocksucker” so I know you read this.”

“Bratty Femdom Roleplay:U`re my new intern.Say u`ve always been spoiled&need help w/work-all of it.&do I mind ur loud music?&cleaning ur coffee spills(giggle)?&helping pay ur bills?Ur new appartment is messy,can i clean it,u`ve never done that(grin)?&cook&wash?Every day?Tell me to leave my fiancee,as u need me ALL the time.&could i be ur pony as u miss ur horse?&kiss ur ass to show u`re special?”

“Im wearing my wife’s matching bra and panties and have another pair of panties im desperate to cum in…can you tell me how to wank into them?”

“Hypno mistress
Looking for a nice mistress who wanna abuse of my mind by brainwashing me to become her slave forever !!!”