Back to school

Happy September everyone! Time to go back to school:)

So I made a few photos in my school uniform and i though i could share them with you.
I do love playing schoolgirl. Why? For a few reasons.
At school I was a good girl with a dirty mind :). So i think it’s a great chance to play things i always wanted to do but was too shy. Like wearing no panties to school (ok I actually did it) or teasing that sexy young math teacher with my lil perky titties just barely showing through my white shirt (ok I did that too so maybe i wasn’t so good?:D) as i didn’t admit the need of wearing the bra untill i grew a C cup. Maybe that’s why I always had a highest grade :D.
And even not thinking of sexy things scholtime was the time when i could be a cute carefree thing eating sweets and watching cartoons all day long and not thinking of things i have to do to feed my little ass :).
Also I am anime crazy so i can’t not be addicted to school uniform. This is a seifuku cosplay costume but i would love a real one. If anyone wants to make me happy with it I will love him forever lol
So these were my excuses and here are a few more pics

Disclaimer: all the photos are mine and i’m definitely well over 18 (just in case:))

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