Boy Toys – the art of sex doll

You all know sex dolls, right? And these are the ultimate ones that bring sex dolls to the whole new level.
When my friend showed me the photos of them a few years ago i was like “WHAT???”. We were joking that if they could cook guys would never need alive girls anymore :).

But jokes apart i was seriously impressed and kinda mesmerised. I’m a girl after all and girls love dolls. But these dolls have realistic vaginas and silicone tits (not different to some alive girls lol) so boys can love them too :D.
They are very customizeble: you have a choice of quite a few faces, skintones, body types, hair and eye colors. You can choose big tits, small tits, bald pussy, hairy pussy, slutty makeup, natural makeup an even some specific options like freckles tatoos or tanlines.
Of course this beauty comes with a steep price of $5000+ but looking at how awesome they are it almost feels cheap for such a masterpiece.







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