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Pubic hair?

Not that long ago while looking at naked japanese girl’s photos on some website (I already confessed I love them so I won’t act shy about it :D) there was a comment (or rather a few) something like “She is cute but as soon as she takes her panties off my boner inverts”.
And no, the girl didn’t have teeth, tentacles, parasitic alien twin or whatever else with boner inverting superpowers between her legs, she only had pubic hair. And I thought “Are you for real? Pretty girl takes her panties off and you have some problems with that?”.
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Hello again…

So I know I been neglecting this blog recently but i haven’t forgotten about it completely. I’ve been good just busy with work for the last few month and also had my mom visiting so had a fun time hiding my sex toys and crotchless panties :D.
Thanks to everyone who is still reading me and stay tuned for more posts