Pubic hair?

Not that long ago while looking at naked japanese girl’s photos on some website (I already confessed I love them so I won’t act shy about it :D) there was a comment (or rather a few) something like “She is cute but as soon as she takes her panties off my boner inverts”.
And no, the girl didn’t have teeth, tentacles, parasitic alien twin or whatever else with boner inverting superpowers between her legs, she only had pubic hair. And I thought “Are you for real? Pretty girl takes her panties off and you have some problems with that?”.

Seriously, from the start of humankind and up until just 15-20 years ago most of the girls were unshaven and for thousands of years everyone’s boners were just fine and you are the most sensitive one? Screw you!

And of course there is another extreme saying that shaving makes a woman less of a woman, that she doesn’t respect herself and doing it for demanding guys, she is not confident with her own body mother nature gave her and blah blah and so on. Seriously?
Does a haircut makes me less of a woman or more unsecure about my body? Ok I can sort of understand it when older guys say shaved women are lacking something. Since most of their exciting sexual experiences from the first naughty magazine to first real sex were somehow including pubic hair.
But why women, most of whom will most likely never have to deal with other woman’s pussies, tell them what to do with their pussies?
Why people can grow their hair down to their waist or shave it bald and nobody gives a sh*t? Why guys can shave their faces or wear beards and still nobody cares? There are no scientific reasearches about how your haircut affects your health and no men complaining about an evil women’s society making them shave their faces and how it supresses their freedom and human rights (ok, there probably are some but you still get my point:))?
But as soon as the subject moves “down there” everybody suddenly becomes extremely concerned. Just leave other’s genitals alone! Unless you want to have sex with them of course :D.

Ok so the moral of this angry tale is : all pussies are beautiful and sexy and if you don’t think so, then go f*ck yourself, because you don’t deserve a pussy.

And here is an old awesome song :). I know I posted it before but it fits the subject just perfectly.

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