Rosario and Vampire


Another old but good sexy anime. I’ve been very much into rewatching my favorite anime recently. I don’t even know how this one made it to my favorites because it seemed pretty stupid to me first and I guess I only started watching it because of a large amount of pretty girls flashing their pantsu all the time.
So in short the story is about Tsukune Aono – the most average guy who goes to the demon school by mistake and instantly gets surrounded by all the possible types of sexy demon girls. He is either too stupid to realise all the girls want him or pretends to be stupid so he doesn’t have to choose one of the girls but can have them all 🙂
I must admit the creators put a lot of thought and variety in both female characters and their underwear which I really appreciate. Not so much thought was put to the actual story but this is one of those anime series where people don’t care about the story 😀
I’m not going to write much about the main character as he’s pretty boring and nobody cares anyway but all the sexy demons do deserve a few words being said about each of them.


Moka Akashiya – vampire and Tsukune’s favorite. Sort of 2 in one heroine. Her true self is way too powerful for this world so she has to wear a rosario that limits her powers and turns her into a calm sweet girl. But when her rosaio is off she becomes a sexy beast. Always tries to suck main character’s… blood and what did you think about?:D
Kurumu Kurono – succubus with massive tits and the cutest tail. Wants to seduce all the guys in the school and make them her slaves but then decides Tsukune is the only one she wants. She’s also great at cooking and has an uber sexy mom 😀
Shirayuki Mizore – snow queen and my personal favorite for some reason. Guess i love cold hearted girls, lollipops and stripey pantsu. Ah she’s a complete weirdo too and loves secretly stalking Tsukune 😀
Yukari Sendo – witch and little genius. The youngest from all the girls, still has childish body and small tits which is sort of appealing. She is naughty and hot tempered so the people who annoy her often get hit with a washbowls brooms and buckets.

There are even more sexy girls there like their cat teacher with adorable ears and tail and another witch Ruby who is wearing the hottest lingerie from them all but about those you’ll have to find out by yourself.
And for now i’ll add a few more pics for you to have a better view of all the demon school benefits 😀








Ah and I nearly forgot – make sure you watch the episodes till the end – there are some cool upskirt views after the titles

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